TAMUS Course Exchange Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to take a course through the Course Exchange Program (CEP)?
The student pays their home campus’ tuition and fees for the course they are taking from the Provider campus. There is no additional cost to take a course through the CEP.  

Will I be able to use my financial aid to pay for a CEP courses?
Yes. Financial aid is handled through the student’s host (home) campus.

Will the host campus transcript the CEP course as its own?
Yes. Provided the course is part of the host campus’ inventory, then it is transcripted as if the student took the course from home campus. That is a major advantage of taking a course through the Course Exchange Program.

How will I buy textbooks for a CEP course?
Textbook requirements and information is listed on the Course Information Template. In most cases, the ISBN number and other pertinent information is also listed. Students should purchase their textbooks as soon as possible. Textbook services include but not limited to: Amazon.com, Albris.com, Barnesandnoble.com, eCampus.com, campusbooks.com, bookrenter.com, textbookwheel.com to name just a few.

How do I get "into" the course once I've registered?
Most of the A&M System campuses use one of the following Learning Management Systems:  Moodle, Blackboard, or eCollege. Access information will be given to you by the CEP host campus coordinator.  If not, you should contact the instructor through the provider college. As a last resort, contact the System coordinator at 979-458-7401 for assistance.

How and where do I take my tests?
Some courses allow you to test online from home. Others must be "proctored," in which case you'll take the tests in host campus testing center or arrange with the provider faculty member to have the test administered through an approved alternative site. This must be coordinated in advance.

What if I have a problem with the course or the faculty member teaching the course?
Your first action should be to try and resolve the issue with the faculty member. The next step is to review the grievance procedures from the Provider campus. These procedures are usually found in the student handbook. Student handbooks are generally accessible online. You may contact the CEP coordinator at the Provider campus for additional guidance but keep in mind the coordinator is not eligible to work it out on your behalf. That must be done by the student.

What is the advantage of taking a course through the CEP?
Students have access to additional educational opportunities but more importantly don’t have to apply separately to another A&M institution in order to take a course offered through the CEP.

What if I need to drop or withdrawal from a CEP course?
Step 1 – you must notify (via email) the faculty member teaching the course. Step 2 – you must notify the Host campus CEP Coordinator (via email). Please remember that the new 6-drop rule also applies to CEP courses.