TAMUS Course Exchange Program

Getting Started

Access the course information template and syllabus from the CEP website for each course you plan to take. The course template page will give you the course web address, start and ending dates, information on testing method, textbooks, and the teacher contact information. The syllabus contains course objectives and information on assignments, attendance, calendar, communication, evaluation, exams, and faculty.

The Course Exchange Program (CEP) is a collaborative of A&M System universities, created to facilitate the sharing of distance education courses among member institutions. Students enroll at their home campus (the host college) and receive instruction from the teaching campus (the provider college).


A student at WTAMU needs "PSYC 2301" online. WTAMU does not offer PSYC 2301 online. The WTAMU advisor recommends the student take PSYC online through the Course Exchange Program. The student works with the WTAMU CEP coordinator to enroll in the course through the CEP portal. The WTAMU student pays WTAMU tuition and fees. The WTAMU student completes the online course from the provider institution (TAMU-Commerce), grade is sent back to WTAMU and transcripted as a WTAMU PSYC course.


  1. Check the course schedule for online course availability
  2. Review the course information and syllabus
  3. Contact your advisor to ensure that all prerequisites for the course have been met and that you are a good candidate for an online course
  4. Contact the Host CEP campus coordinator to determine which provider campus you will take the course from
  5. The CEP campus coordinator will reserve a seat for you in the CEP portal
  6. To ensure your reservation is confirmed, students must pay all required tuition and fees adhering to their Host campus payment deadlines
  7. No additional costs are involved for the student when taking courses through the CEP
  8. Secure required textbooks and other necessary learning materials prior to the first day of classes as specified in the course syllabus
  9. Access instructions for the course will be sent to your email address from the Provider institution
  10. Remain in close contact with Host campus CEP coordinator throughout the semester especially if you must withdrawal or drop a course or if you are a graduating senior and need your grades submitted early
  11. Remember that the grade earned in this course will be transcripted as a grade on your Host (home) campus transcript!

NOTE: Academic departments have the final say as to whether a hosted course meets necessary requirements to be transcripted by home campus

Additional Course Information


Textbook information is listed on the CEP course information template and/or the course syllabus. If not, contact the faculty member teaching the course. Textbook information may also be found at the Provider campus bookstore. Secure the textbook and any other required course materials at least two days prior to the beginning of the course.


Students must adhere to the testing requirements for each course. In some cases, it may be necessary for the student to request special arrangements. If so, students should work directly with the faculty member teaching the course. Prior approval is required for special testing arrangements.

Drops or Withdrawals from the Course

Students that need to drop or withdrawal from a CEP course must notify (in writing) the faculty member teaching the course and the Host campus CEP coordinator. Students will follow the Host campus Drop and Withdrawal policy.