TAMUS Course Exchange Program

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System Launches New Website!

A&M System launches the "Course Exchange Program" allowing students to take online courses through participating A&M System institutions.

The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) is taking a leading role in sharing courses through the TAMUS Course Exchange Program (CEP) collaborative. The purpose of the CEP is to provide a central location for A&M System students to take online academic courses between system institutions to satisfy degree requirements.

This collaboration is designed to address students' educational needs and provide them the added flexibility they need to stay on track and in some cases complete their education sooner. The timing could not be better for the A&M System to leverage campus resources and expertise and expand course offering by implementation of the CEP.

The CEP is modeled after the Virtual College of Texas, a pioneer in the online Host/Provider model that serves the community colleges throughout Texas. This is a first in the State of Texas to have two such collaboratives, one for community colleges and one within a university System.

For more information, please contact the participating campus coordinator.